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Slippers / Boots / Socks

By definition, slippers are a low cut shoe, soft and flexible, intended to be worn around the house. Crocheted Boots, which are also meant to be worn around the house, take on a stylish personalities of their own, often brightly colors with a variety of ties - some being ankle length and others going much farther up the calf. Bed socks, on the other hand, typically have more elasticity to them, keeping them in place for those warm toes all night.

The crochet slipper patterns of time past often call for inner soles, for added comfort and to control the, sometimes, rough on the foot yarns. Slippers were also attached to purchased soles, making them less slippery on the floor. Although not seem much in modern patterns, these soles are still available online, should you like to give them a try.

Although there are just a few slippers here in this section, many more are waiting to be added.