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Window Ruffle Edging Crochet Pattern Curtain Design

S-93 Window Ruffle :    Ruffles and lacy; such a perfect design to adorn a window.   The pattern specifies how the ruffle may be increased to decreased to fit your specific window size.   It does not detail how to attach the curtain to your window frame, however, I would think push pins would work well.    Don't let the window limit your thinking .... there are a variety of ways to use this wonderful edging.  This unique design is vintage 1950s from Coats and Clark. 


  • - Clark's Big Ball Mercerized CrochetArt. B. 34, Size 30, 12 balls of No 48 Hunter's Green and 1 ball of No.9 Yellow
  • Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No. 10.

This amount of material is sufficient for 5 yards of ruffle

Patterns are PDF downloads.  A link will be  forwarded to your email address within a couple minutes.