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Vintage Pillbox Hat Crochet Pattern with Handkerchief

Hanky Hat : This vintage 1942 pattern from Headline Hats, contains instructions to crochet the hat pictured above. This is a bit like a pillbox hat, but it is designed to perfectly fit in/attach a handkerchief as adornment. Perfect concept; change hanky's to match your wardrobe. This is a Jeannette Styles Design. The original pattern book also contained a section on making yarn ornaments to decorate your hats - pictured above. The picture page and instructions are included with this pattern, in case you'd like to get ultra creative ! This hat is based on a 21 1/2 head. Instructions are included should you need to increase or decrease size.


  • - 3 ozs Pompadour Germantown,or plain Germantown
  • - 1 hank lightweight clothesline, or stiff wrapping cord about 3/16" in diameter.
  • - Standard size #00 steel crochet hook.
Gauge: 9 sts .2 inches 3 rows = 1 inch