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Spring Crocus Floral Ruffled Crochet Doily PDF Pattern 15 inches

A-396 Spring Crocus : This pattern contains instructions to crochet the doily pictured above. This lovely piece has a lot going for it. First, a delightful floral, crocus to be exact, centerpiece and then surrounded with a tall, but loose, ruffle. The doily measures 15 inches in diameter, excluding the ruffle. This pattern is vintage 1960s from Coats & Clarks. 

- J & P. COATS "KNIT-CRO-SHEEN," 2 balls of No.1 White and 1 ball of 
No. 46-A Mid Rose. 
- Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No.7.   

This pattern, part of Coats & Clarks 136, is featured in a blog post at Todays Treasure Shop Talk.