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Mens Knitted Ribbed Turtleneck Pattern Vintage 1930s Chest 38

Olympic Sports Sweater : This pattern contains instructions to knit the above pictured mens sweater. This sweater, officially pattern 5005 was mail ordered through the Wisconsin News way back in 1937. The sweater is a turtle neck and has snug ribbing bands at the waist and the wrist. If you have a moment, read the newprint shown in picture 2. 

Note: This pattern is a bit different than the norm; in a format I've not seen. The instructions for the pattern stitch are written out and then the rest of the pattern is in a graph (shows the individual parts ... sleeve, body, collar, etc.) on the graph itself with the pattern written in. 

- Minerva Olympic in Grey-Black, or colors of your choice.
- 1 Pair No 0 Steel Needles - 12 inches for ribbing
- 1 Pair No 1 Steel Needles - 12 inches for body of sweater.

Scale : 8 sts to 1 inch; 12 rows to 1 inch

This pattern is featured in a blog post at Todays Treasure Shop Talk, should you care to drop by.