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Loop Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern Jeannette Styles Design

 Dustmop : This vintage pattern is from the 1942 issue of Headline Hats, which are original designs from Jeannette Styles. This pattern contains instructions to crochet the hat pictured above. Officially name 'Dustmop', the had is layers of loop stitch. Dustmop may have been an appropriate name for the 40s, however, I'd think unique and fun would be much more appropriate for todays standards. This is a one size pattern, based on a head size of 21 1/2 inches. There is an added note, however, how to handle should you need to increase or decrease size. 


  • - 2 oz Ombre Germantown or Knitting Worsted (black and white ombre is used for the effect shown in picture one. 
  • - Standard size #0 steel crochet hook
Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch : 5 rows = 1 inch