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Free Catnip Mouse Crochet Pattern

Catnip Mouse :  This pattern contains instructions to crochet the mouse shown above.   He's quite easy to put together, a ball and some scraps of thread, a little bell, some catnip and an hour or two of your time, and you'll have your cat (potentially) running circles and having a great time.    The picture here is not so great, coming from an old 1952 magazine clip of 2x2 inches.  But, there was just too much potential to pass it over.  

  • -J. & P. Coats Knit-CroSheen, Art. A. 64, 1 ball of Main Color (A) and a few yds. of Black (B). 
  • - No.3 steel crochet hook. 
  • - Cotton and catnip for stuffing. 
  • - Small bell. 
This pattern is available as a free download as appreciation to my customers (and their cats).