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Flower Bathroom Rug Knit Crochet Pattern Set

Flower Bower Power :  This pattern contains directions to knit / crochet the set pictured.  This pattern, vintage 1960s, contains a complete bathroom ensemble for that time period.  There is the rug, the toilet set, kleenex and tissue cover.    The size of the toilet seat is not stated, and with the many changes, it may no longer fit our seats. The set itself is knit, the flowers are crocheted and stitched to the rug.  The rug measures approx. 25 x 31 inches.  The design is vintage 1960s from American Thread Co. 


  • AMERICAN THREAD "AUNT LYDIA'S" HEAVY RUG YARN, 14 - 70 yd. skeins White for entire set or 2 - 70 yd. skeins White for Topper 3 - 70 yd. skeins White for Seat Cover 10 - 70 yd. skeins White for Rug and 1 each - 70 yd. skeins Watermelon, Orange and Jade for entire set - - - STAR MERCERIZED SEWING THREAD 1 Spool
  • - 1 Pro Knitting Needles No.9
  • - 1 Pro 14 inch Knitting Needles No.7  
  • - Aluminum Crochet Hook Size I

GAUGE: No.9 Needles: 7 sts = 2 inches· No.7 needles: 4 sts = 1 inch 

Patterns are PDF downloads.  A link will be  forwarded to your email address within a couple minutes.