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Feather Brim Crochet Hat Pattern, Jaunty Jeanette Styles Design

 Four Honors : This pattern contains instructions to crochet the above pictured hat. It is quite a jaunty piece ... roll the brim up or down, adorn it with feathers, or ribbon, or braid ... make it your own. This vintage pattern, 1942, is from Headline Hats and is a Jeannette Styles design. It is one size for a head at 21 1/2 inches. Instructions are included should you need to increase or decrease size. The original pattern book contained a page of ornaments to make to adorn your hat - pictured above. The picture page and instructions for the ornaments is included with this pattern. 


  • - 2 ozs each of 2 colors in Sports Yarn
  • - Standard size #0 steel crochet hook
Gauge: 5 sts = 1 inch : 5 rows = 1 inch