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Crocheted Hair Ornament Patterns Lily Leaflet 112-B

Lily Mills Leaflet No 112-B - This pattern contains directions to crochet the ornaments pictured.   These six patterns are from a 1943 Lily Mills Leaflet entitled 'Six Crocheted Beau Catchers'.   These are sweet patterns to make a couple different floral comb designs, a hair dangle, a tie scarf and a bandeau.   I have not reworked this pattern, but scanned as is to a PDF document as my original is in excellent condition.  

Materials:  As designated for each pattern, but generally steel crochet hooks 7, 9 and 10, mercerized crochet cotton and combs or ribbon.

This pattern is featured in a blog post at Todays Treasure Shop Talk, should you care to drop by. 

Patterns are PDF downloads.  A link will be  forwarded to your email address within a couple minutes.