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Crochet Sailor Beware Chapeau Hat Pattern

Sailor Beware : This pattern contains instructions to crochet the hat pictured above. The hat has variations in crocheting as well as wearing, and a different ornamentation suggestions. The design is a Jeannette Styles. This pattern is from Headlines Hats, 1942, which included instructions to create a variety of hat ornaments, which are pictured above. The picture and instructions are included as part of this pattern pack. The pattern is one size - based on a standard 21 1/2" head.


  • - 1 ball wrapping cord for core (about 1/8" in diameter)
  • - 3 oz Ombre Germantown or Knitting Worsted
  • - Standard Size 00 steel crochet hook.
Gauge: 5 sts = 1 inch : 3 rows = 1 inch