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Checkerboard Knit Slippers Boots Pattern S M L

Let's Play Checkers : This pattern contains directions to knit the slipper(s) shown. These are fun slippers - first you have the checkerboard design, then the wide contrast band of a cuff and then, last you have the bi-color pompom. Owning these slippers will make you want to stay in for the night! Okay, maybe not, but they are definitely cute. The pattern, vintage 1960s from American Thread, is sized Small, Medium and Large.

Materials Required:

  • 3 - 70 yd. skeins Main Color (MC)
  • 2 - 70 yd. Skeins contrasting Color (CC)
  • 1 Pro Knitting Needles No. 9

GAUGE: 2 blocks = 1-1/2 inches; 6 rows = 1 inch


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