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Mail Order Collection

I'd like to say that I'm the Queen of Mail Order Knit and Crochet Pattern Collectors, but I have nothing to substantiate that. So, I will suffice with saying, I have a rather large collection of Mail Order Patterns.

As it happened, I started with just a few, but loved the layout and the graphics and thus, bought a few more ... and a few more ... etc. etc. etc. At some point I started wondering just how many there were, which led to the keeping of lists. I scour flea markets and Ebay in my search and will admit the accumulated capital investment is quite large. But that doesn't stop me (not yet anyway).

I keep pictures of the processed patterns in a Facebook album if you are interested in browsing.

The patterns that qualify for public domain are processed and entered in the shop. The processing involves scanning the individual pattern to ODT documents, digitizing the pictures and charts in Photoshop, combining to a Word document and then joining to form a PDF. It's a long and slow process, but I try to get 1 or 2 done each day. At this writing there are approx. 650 Mail Order Knit or Crochet Mail Order Patterns in the shop, and another 700 (and growing) that are awaiting processing.

As you might expect, I also collect the Mail Order Catalogs. These catalogs are a great delight to look through and have significant information about the changing of fashions and times. These books, I also scan and post to Google Plus Albums for all to enjoy. (Click on the album to view).


Alice Brooks 1950 Design Catalog
Alice Brooks 1955 Design Catalog


Anne Cabot 1955 Needlework Album
Anne Cabots 1957 Needlework Album
Anne Cabot 1958 Needlework Album