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Lagnaippe Links

Lagnaippe, down here in Louisiana, typically means 'something a little extra'. And that it what the links on this page represent ... a little something extra.

As I work my way through the old knit and crochet pattern books and magazines, I find an assortment of things you might be interested .... (I know they certainly interest me !). So, I've began collecting these items in my Google Plus photo albums.

Should you be interested, here's are links to albums that might be of interest to you. Or, you could always follow me on Google Plus to see new posts as they are added, or first to know about Free Patterns, etc.

Knit / Crochet Pattern Books: These are pattern books in my collection that have been processed with many of the patterns entered to my shop.

Knit / Crochet Tools : These are vintage advertisements from a variety of sources that cover needles and, well, all sorts of tools.

Knitting Pattern Stitches: Knitted pattern stitch diagram and written directions to complete..

Yarn and Thread Advertisements: Magazine and Newspaper Advertisement of Vintage Yarns and Threads.